Wood Gas Stove

A campfire that sometime runs on battaries...

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 Wood Gas is somewhat like magic: you burn wood, but almost no smoke is coming out...

I usually divide wood gas stoves into two:

 - With a fan (and therefore, it needs some power source)

 - Without a fan.

The stoves with the fan are rarely light enough to take them on your back to a hike. On the other hand, they can be great at the campsite, running on endless supply of fuel (assuming you don't camp in a desert...).

The stoves without the fan are really cool. They sometimes got too many parts you need to assemble before using it, but you can find fairly simple stoves that gets the job done.

How does it work

  • The wood burned in the lower part of the burning chamber turns into gas.
  • An electric fan (almost on all stoves) pushes fresh air both to the lower part of the stove (primary holes) and to the upper side (secondary holes), through double walls.
  • The air rushing through the double walls of the stove is heated.
  • The heated air meets the gas on the top part of the stove.
  • Once mixed, the wood gas and the hot air ignite.


  • Fuel is (almost) everywhere, and it's free.
  • Almost no smoke.
  • You can build it yourself.


  • Sometimes needs a battery to operate
  • You might find yourself with no fuel (unless you gather it on the way).
  • In comparing to gas, alcohol and liquid fuel stove, makes some smoke.
  • If using the with-fan versions, usually heavy and relatively big.
  • Require some campfire skills.

Some Available stoves

There aren't too many options out there...

caldera-cone-ti-tri-inferno-woodgas-stoveCaldera Cone Ti-Tri inferno
  • Can be used with Alcohol burner or esbit too
  • Lightweight
  • My favorite. Although it got many parts, it works just great, it's light, and you can always go for the simple operation mode and use it as a simple wood stove.
More on the lightest wood gas stove you can find...

woodgas WoodGas(TM)
  • Not a lightweight!
  • Weight: 23 oz

Garlington-WoodGas-Stove Garlington (Home made version)
  • The Garlington Wood Gas Stove (its a DIY stove, no fan)
  • A simple homemade stove. There are many other DIY stoves. I like this one because it is so simple.

Bottom line

The fan versions can be nice for the campsite, less for the trail. They are more efficient than just a wood burning stove and are less messy.
The no-fan types might be light enough to hike with, but they are sometimes costy.

If you decide to go for a homemade option, here is more on that.

What's your favorite wood gas stove?

Do you know of another wood gas stove? It would be great to hear about an additional stove you know!

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