Wood Gas Stove Caldera Cone Ti Tri Inferno

Wood gas stove Caldera cone Ti-Tri inferno
Picture courtesy traildesigns

Caldera cone got three great design you can use as wood gas stoves.
Have a look here to get more details on these three designs: Ti-Tri, Ti-Tri ULC and Ti-Tri sidewinder.

Caldera cone ti tri In a nutshell

the basic design is a cone that serves both as the windscreen and as the pot holder. This makes a very efficient system since the pot absorbs most of the heat and no heat is wasted. The Ti-Tri is the basic version, the ULC is the light and compact and the sidewinder just small enough so you can fold it into some pots side wise.

A few words on wood gas stoves

Wood gas is when you burn wood, but instead of just letting it burn, you burn it in a special stove that gasifies the wood. These stoves heat up the air inside it through a double wall and blow it back at the top of the stove. It is much more efficient and for a given amount of woods, you can get much more heat. Read here some more on how wood gas stoves work.


The folks from Trail designs add some great, great feature to these stoves. You can turn it into a wood gas stove in no time.
In order to do so, you simply locate the upside down cone inside the big cone. You place the mesh underneath the small cone and you get a structure that can gasify the wood rather the just burn it.
The structure you get keeps the basics of any gasifier:
  • It allows air to flow from below the wood.
  • It allows air to flow through the double walls and heat up
  • It lets the heated air to flow buck just above the burning wood.

The tricky part with wood gas is to get the right holes on the right places. Not to small, not to big, so you won’t choke the flames or get to much wind in.

Here is how to set it up:

Bottom line

I think that the guys that designed the Inferno did some great job.
There aren’t to many options of wood gas stoves. Let alone if you want a version that is light enough for backpacking. I think that if you get the caldera cone, you should get the Inferno parts too. It makes the lightest wood gas stove out there and can be great even if you use it just for car camping.

Here is more on the wood gas stove caldera cone ti tri inferno on Traildesigns web site...