Wood Burning Camp Stove

a campfire in a can…

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Frankly, I'm not a great fan of wood burning camp stoves. I separate campfire from stoves. Campfire is something I always enjoy, but when I hike, a wood camp stove isn’t my cup of tea. You will see below that this method got lots of advantages but

the two disadvantages I can't overcome are:
  1. It makes everything smell like a campfire. Including gear and clothes.
  2. The fuel is not always available. (try to find woods on the summit of a mountain in the middle of the desert…)

BUT –wood camp stoves are incomparable in…
…fuel cost.

How does it work?

Not rocket science…

…Simply fill up the stove in woods and light it.

Decent portable wood stoves got holes in the bottom for fresh air to run in. This helps the wood to burn better even though it is stuffed in a closed chamber.


  • Fuel is for free
  • Usually low overall weight (since you carry no fuel)
  • Low cost
  • Can be used to warm you up
  • It's real fire after all, which is always fun to gaze at…


  • You might get stuck with no fuel
  • Makes smoke like a campfire
  • Might leave trace
  • Need continuous care during cooking
  • Some of the stoves are relatively big
  • Will turn all cookware black and smelly
  • Require some campfire skills in order to ignite

Stoves list

Generally speaking, the stoves can be divided into two types:

  • A simple cylinder can with holes:
(trailstove on the image below)

  • A bunch of metal plates you should assemble together.
(fire spout on the image below)

Both types can be built at home with minimum knowledge

One thing to note: no significant well known brand. lots of small brand's stoves.

The simple cylinders:

The assembled plates

  • Magic flame stove


Go for it if you don’t mind the smell and if the continuous feeding doesn’t intimidate you. Just keep in mind that you have to gather the fuel along the trek if you think that this might be an issue at the end of the day.

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