Trusty Coleman

by Carol

Many years ago, when I was 12, my family sold our farm,and bought a bigger one. The problem was, the new house wasn't ready to move into for a couple of weeks, after we were to be moved out of our old one! My parents thought it would be fun for us to "Camp out" for a couple of weeks while we waited. The farmer let us pitch a tent in one of the fields. That Coleman stove was our only means of cooking. My mom made everything from bacon & eggs, to fried fish(caught in the stream), to beans and hot dogs! For two weeks, she cooked every meal with it. (there were 6 of us kids)!!

Through the years, my dad used it many times on camping trips, and as an adult, my husband and I used one on our camping excursions with our kids. I guess it's the only one we've ever tried, but still my favorite!

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