Trangia westwind

A great pot holder for Trangia burner

Trangia westwind is not even a Trangia stove… it's a Trangia burner (the usual one) and three metal plates that form the pot stand. The great thing is that the plates take very little plate before you assemble them.

trangia-westwind Trangia Westwind

On the other hand, once assembled, the plates are a great pot holder. It is quite stable and solid. The worst disadvantage in this pot holder is that it doesn’t stop the wind. You have to add your own wind screen. Moreover, the structure of the plates forces you to use a relatively big windscreen.. It's not such a big deal but it is something you need to know.

Another issue with the assembled-plates-pot-stand is that it seems to absorb lots of heat. I used the burner with some pot stand I made (smaller and lighter than the plates). It worked much better…

So why buy the plates…?

Get it if you need a pot stand that will support wide or heavy pots. Other wise – get the burner only.

Trangia westwind instructions

Pot stand assembly

Before I got my Westwind, I was really puzzled about how do you get it built... Here are some photos demonstrating how to assemble the plates. After you put the burner in place, it is like any other open jet alcohol stove. You just fill the burner and light it.


And the final result...

Using it with different pots

I tried my westwind with few different pots. It supported all of them  nicely.

trangia-westwind-with-titanium-cookwareSnow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug

This pot is almost too small for the pot stand. It is also very difficult to guard it from winds. I don't recommend this combination.

trangia-westwind-with-mini-trangia-potThe pot and lid of mini Trangia

This combination worked pretty well. The pot is wide enough to get most of the stove's heat.

Bottom line

It's a nice kit. The potholders are very solid and stable. The Trangia burner is always a good choice for alcohol stove.

Click here for a few options of getting Trangia westwind.