Trangia stove

The top of all alcohol stoves (If you ask me...)

I must admit that I'm a great fan of Trangia. They really make some great stoves, for every purpose. They got kits for expeditions, for beginners, for loners, for day hikes, you name it. The kits come in few sets. The kits (or series) differ mostly in its cookware.

Features of all Trangia stoves series

They offer three alcohol stoves series. All the cooking kits include...

... A burner (which is always the same one)

... Some windshield

....Cookware. It comes in lot's of cookware combinations.

All the parts are really tidy packed together. The way all the stuff is packed together is one of Trangia's greatest advantages.


trangia-burnerTrangia Burner

In all the kits, the burner is the good ol' classic Trangia burner. It can be used as a container to the alcohol which is really cool. It comes with a lid that can seal the stove to keep the alcohol from spilling.

It got an additional burner's lid which is used to simmer and to shut off the stove. Personally, I never tried too control the flame, they are not too hot from the first place…

Arik (Nebraska) uses the burner only...see why.



Trangia stove is not a burner only. The windshield is also the stand for the burner and the pot holder. The windshield of the 27/25 series is built to be "storm proof" according to Trangia. The mini trangia wind shield, on the other hand, is very minor and doesn't hold in a serious wind.

From my experience, with the mini trangia, wind causes the flames to be all over the place…


Trangia-cookware Cookware

As I mentioned before, the series defer from one another by the cookware combination. Each series comes in many cookware combinations.

Trangia stoves series

Here are the different series that you can get from Trangia. I sort of summarized it. Every series got many options. Take a look at the company site.

Trangia-25The Trangia 25 series
  • Meant to serve 3 to 4 people
  • Weighs 30oz (865gr) to 41Oz(1170gr), depends on the cookware combination.
  • Made of aluminum or Hard anodized aluminum

trangia-27The Trangia 27 series
  • Meant to serve a loner or a couple
  • Weighs 25oz (720gr) to 33(938gr)
  • Made of aluminum or Hard anodized aluminum.

mini-trangiaMini Trangia

(sometimes referred to as Trangia 28)

  • Designed for a single user
  • Weighs 11.6oz (330gr)
  • That’s the one I'm using!

I use the Mini Trangia slightly different from what they planned...I put the burner and windshield into a smaller pot. Smaller than the original.

The fuel stored in the burner is just about enough for a day hike. The whole thing, even after adding some coffee blend, sugar and cups, is truly compact and light.

Try it out!

trangia-westwind Trangia westwind
  • 7oz (198gr) only!
  • A burner and a pot stand only

More on Trangia westwind stove...

Trangia Trivia

  • Trangia was founded in 1925 by John E. Jonsson
  • Trangia stove is considered to be "storm-proof" and its basic design almost haven't changed since invented.

Bottom line

If you're into using alcohol as fuel – go and get one!

I wouldn't say the same thing about the the 25 and 27 series. They are essential only if you plan to use it in bad weather or on long trips.

In my opinion, the mini Trangia and the westwind will do perfect if all you want is something ultralight to take in your backpack.

Mini Trangia and the westwind are also great if you use your own hiking cookware.

What's YOUR great tip for using Trangia?

Do you know of another great way to use Trangia stove? What's your favorite Trangia? It would be great to hear about it!

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