TiRStove 450g titanium rocket stove

by JB


Key features :

Long life, lifetime
Reliable, work in all weathers
Lightweight, 350-500 grams
Foldable, rollable , easy to pack
No trace left behind, low impact and safe to use in a dry forest
Strong, easy fed heat large pots

2L of water at 7°C will start to simmer in 10 min and boil heavily in 16 min, stove "warm" at start ..and outside temp -2°C. ( A cold stove will need an extra 10 min ). Almost the same boil result was achieved without insulation. I noticed an increased ext. stove temperature from 45 to 70°C and a bit more smoke.

** best boil-time, is 2.8L of 7°C water to boil heavily in 11 min with no insulation (just air ) and ext. stove temp 100 °C, outside temp 1°C no wind and 10 mm pot-cross

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Dec 24, 2015
TiRStove - link update NEW
by: JB


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