The WERNERBURNER wood gas stove

by Larry
(Leesville, La. USA)

This is long, but it is simple for the handyman! From Walmart, buy 2 stainless steel canisters.The ones I had to buy have glass lids. The larger one is about 6" in diameter.The other one,next size smaller. Invert the larger one and cut(centered) the bottom out to snugly fit the smaller canister. Make sure the smaller one will slide down all the way and be stopped by its rim. You are through with the larger one for now. Drill about 40ea. 1/4" holes evenly spaced in the end of the smaller one. One inch from the bottom, and one inch apart, all the way around, drill 1/8" holes. Now, one inch from the top, and one inch apart drill 1/4" holes all the way around. Back to the larger canister: Invert it so the newly cut end is up. Shove the smaller one(open end up), right down into the newly cut hole of the larger canister. You have just completed a work of art. This is a stove that I was impressed with, that works well with wood pellet fuel for pellet stoves.Dont put it on anything that heat will damage. I find that an open up propane or charcoal grill works good and safe.It can get air, and be safe for embers to fall into. I made it from scratch, just guessing on all the measurements. It is wide open for experimentation. Be CAREFUL.

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