by Unknown

The one's I found have glass lids, which you don't need for this purpose. Buy two canisters. Start with largest one(about 6" diameter, and the next size smaller. With an electric sabre saw, cut the bottom of the larger one out carefully, so the smaller one will snugly slide in the hole, bottom first, and be stopped by its rim. Now you have the larger one upside down,and the smaller one right side up, shoved all the way into the larger one. You are through with the larger one. Remove the smaller one and drill about 25 evenly spaced 1/4" holes in the bottom. One inch from the bottom, and 1" apart, drill 1/8" holes. Now, 1 inch from the top, and one inch apart, drill 1/4" holes all the way around.Back to the larger one. I prefer not drilling holes near the rim of the larger one. Instead, I would place the stove on a level top grill for air. You can experiment with controlling the amount of air coming in the bottom by sliding a metal perforated sheet under the stove for different effects. OH! I forgot to mention: Shove the smaller one (right side up), down into the larger one(inverted). That completes your stove. Be very careful, and place this stove on your open propane or charcoal grill for safety. Experiment for different effects(affects)? Wood pellet fuel for pellet heaters seem to work well. If anyone cares to get a patent on this thing;here it is,it's free. One other thing: No fans needed. Thanks

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