Snow peak giga power

snow-peak-giga-power-no-piezoWithout auto ignition piezo snow-peak-giga-power-with-piezo
With auto ignition piezo

Snow peak giga power is a canister stove for backpacking. It got some cool features like its wind screen. It is tailor made and it is assembled very close to the flames. It also got an option for an Auto Igniter. The stove folds up nicely to It's extra small plastic box.

The stove got a feature that distinguishes it from other ultralight stoves – it got 4 pot holders in stead of 3 in other stoves. It should give some extra stability to the cookware.


The simple giga power is made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Brass. It’s a real light weight stove. They got this stove in a titanium version. This makes close to 3Oz. It's really on the front line of the ultralights. On the other hand, the difference between the Ti and the regular is only 3/4 of an Oz. you decide if it worth the extra 20 bucks

Auto ignition

It also got an option for a piezo attached to it. You use it for auto ignition. It's a real cool feature. You can get it both with the stainless still stove and with the Titanium stove. One thing I like about this piezo, is that it allows you to light the stove even with a pot on it.


The Giga power got nice flame control. Another thing I like about it, is the flame diameter. It allows cooking easily. Many ultralight stoves got a very dense flame, which is nice for boiling water but gets problematic when you try and cook something…

Here is What I like and don't like about this stove:


  • auto ignition
  • nice windscreen. sits real close to the flames.


  • nothing in particular. It's really a great stove.

Bottom line

I really like this stove. The Snow peak giga power is small, light, powerful and reliable.

Some more info and options of getting Snow peak giga power ...