Primus Classic Trail Stove

If you are looking for a stove to support wide pots and yet in reasonable price, the Primus classic trail stove might be a good fit. There are lots of advantages for this classic Primus stove. Few downsides too. Here’s way I ended having one:

Usually I hike with a stove just to boil water. It can be either my Optimus Crux, some alcohol stove or my Caldera cone.

But, if you’re car camping, you usually need more than that. Cooking on these tiny stoves can be a hustle, and not very safe, in case you are using large pots and pans. 

So, as we were off to a long camping trip around British Columbia, I took the opportunity to get yet another stove. The purpose was to find a stove that can support wide pots, be reliable and within reasonable budget. I wanted a stove that can handle cooking for a family, and yet I wanted to have something much smaller comparing to the standard two burners.

I chose Primus Classic Trail stove. It served me very well (it still does). I used it with many different pots, the smallest pot is a titanium pot I use often:

Here are some insight on this stove.

What I like about it

Price - in about 20 bucks you get a solid stove from a known brand.

Robust - It gets the job done. No fooling around. Very few moving parts so not much can go wrong.

Wide flame  - definitely enough to support pots and pans you might use for cooking

Main con

Size: It’s not as tiny a some other gas stoves out there. If all you need is boiling water, there are many other smaller stoves. This one doesn't really fold. You just screw the valve apart  from the main part.

Some additional insights

Windproof - the stove is not planned to handle too much wind. However, the pot holder is built as a cross, so no matter where the wind is coming from, there are parts of the flame that are more protected.

like all Primus stoves, there isn’t the slightest leak when you attach the burner to the gas canister.

Simmer - As expected, the Primus classic trail stove simmers perfectly. You can use it with the lowest flame you need. It is stable just as the full flame is.

Using it with different pots

Like I mentioned before, this tove enables you to use almost any pot you want. I used is extensively on several trips, with all kind of pots and pans. 

Actually, with this pot, the flame is almost too wide.

primus classic trail stove with titanium mug

Another pot I use a lot with this stove is this enamel tea pot. The Primus classic trail stove fits perfectly under it.

primus classic trail stove with enmal pot

And even with a pan. It’s not as stable as some two burners stoves, but it’s good enough, and the flame is wide enough to cook things evenly:

primus classic trail stove with pan

The picture below is taken in Manning park in southern BC, Canada. Just to illustrate the size of pot this stove can carry in reasonable stability:

Primus classic trail stove

How to operate it

When you purchase it, you get the stove broken into two part, all wrapped in a typical Primus bag (see picture below). You simply screw the part that hold the valve to the main part and you are ready to go.

primus classic trail stove parts

Bottom line

I like this stove. If you are looking for a stove that is wide enough, and yet folds relatively small, for a reasonable price, I recommend getting this Primus classic trail stove.