Pocket Rocket Stove Windscreen

pocket-rocket-stoveThe Pocket Rocket (black arrow pointing windscreen)

Typically, gas stoves don't go hand in hand with windscreens. If you use a simple windscreen around a propane backpacking stove you might cause the whole thing to heat up, including the canister.

Mercedes Benz three pointed star

One of the things I love on MSR Pocket Rocket stove, is that they got some nice idea for making it wind proof. The very top of the burner is flat. on top of it, they assembled this piece of metal so that no matter what you’ll do, part of the burner is always protected from the wind. It is shaped like a Mercedes Benz three pointed star and no matter from what direction the wind is blowing, at least third of the burner‘s surface is shielded and isn’t effected by the wind.

Optimus crux

Optimus are using a similar trick. On their Crux propane backpacking stove, there is a three pointed star too. On the Crux, it is used both for wind protection and to hold the pot holder on its folded position. The Crux (and the Crux lite too) burner is not as flat as the Pocket Rocket but the basic idea is pretty much the same.
I am using the crux stove regularly. Over and over again, I’m amazed on what strong winds it can hold.


...keeping the burner running only partially helps...
This kind of windscreen will enable you to have the stove running almost on any given wind. The thing is, that it will not prevent from the heat to be blown in the wind. In other words, the heat from the burner won’t be used just to heat the pot. Having a windscreen is not only to keep the fire running, but also to enable the flames to reach the pot with higher efficiency so you could cook in harsh conditions.

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