Peanut Woodgas Magic Stove

by Andrew Ma
(Toronto, Canada)

peanut woodgas Magic Stove

peanut woodgas Magic Stove

Peanut woodgas Magic Stove is similar to Garlington in that:
- TLUD ND principle
- stove had primary holes on bottom and upper secondary air inlets a few cm from top
- uses a stove windscreen
- elevates pot slightly above stove
- uses a pot windscreen

Differences are:
- bottom holes are smaller
- top holes are bigger
- burns with blue flame inside the stove
- very little flame above the stove
- no flame to the side of the stove
- pot is fairly clean after use

- no smell or smoke when a pot of cold water is placed above the stove
- very little CO emission if anyone uses it for indoor cooking
- very little smoke once wood is used up and flame goes out
- stove can be compacted
- peanut can comes with a plastic lid to double as a storage container

- cannot control flame size during use

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