Optimus Nova multi fuel stove


Optimus Nova is a multi fuel camp stove by Optimus (Katadyn group). It's really in the front line of multi fuel stoves. It's Durable and it supports a variety of fuels. It cost accordingly too…

Supporting multi fuel types

Optimus claims that the Nova supports the following fuels:
  • Optimus Arctic Fuel
  • White gas
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • Jet fuel       

That’s right, They say it doesn’t support automotive fuel. For me, that's a killer, I badly need this option. The cool thing, on the other hand, is that you don’t need to change jets for the different fuel types. It's really usful.

Another cool feature they got is the magnetic cleaning needle. To move the needle, you use this little maintenance tool. When you put it under the burner, it moves the needle and cleans the jet. The great thing about it, is that you can clean the jet while it is running!

Optimus nova plus

The main improvement in this version, is that the flame control valve is located next to the fuel bottle. It is especially usefull when using a windscreen or a wide pot. the Optimus Nova Plus is also a few milimiters smaller and a few grams lighter.

light-bulbWhy flipping the fuel bottle upside down when you turn the stove off?

The fuel pump inside the bottle is directed to the bottom of the bottle in its "ON" position. This is done to enable the fuel line to use all the fuel in the bottle. During Normal operation, fuel is pushed through the fuel line because of the preassure in the bottle.

Once you flip it, still with running flames, the fuel line and pump are directed to the top of the bottle, where there is only air. Now, in "OFF" position, air is forced through the fuel line till all the leftovers of fuel in the fuel line are burned. Once the flames are gone, the fuel line is clean and empty and the fuel bottle is decompressed. No need to open it to release the pressure. You can pack the stove safely and clean.

To summarize, this is What I like and dislike about the OPtimus Nova (and the nova plus, for that matter):


  • Good priming (the burner is located in sort of a mini windshield)
  • Connecting the fuel line to the bottle is in a snap
  • Same jet for all fuels
  • Packed smaller than most of multi fuel stoves


  • Doesn’t support unleaded auto fuel – come on!

Bottom line:

Well, I'm not sure. The Optims Nova got some nice features. On the other hand, for about the same price, you can get the MSR dragonfly if you need a backpacking gear of the highest league. Another option is to go for the Whisperlite international and spare yourself 50 bucks…

Some more info and options of getting Optimus Nova...