Optimus crux stove

Above are some picture of my Crux.

The Optimus crux stove transforms from a compact piece of metal into a powerful propane stove. Its greatest feature is the way it folds. It's so cool! First you fold the potholders and the gas valve. Then you fold the top of the burner in a right angle position. The fun part is that it is very small but no assembly is involved.

I got the Optimus crux for some time now. You have to see the look on the faces of people when they first see it. When you take it out, people don’t get it. It amazes people how you pull it out from beneath the canister. Another point that amazes people is when they see how nicely it folds or unfolds.

In comparing to other ultralight gas stoves it got one major problem – you can't get it to simmer. The flame keeps on shutting off whenever you try to lower the fames. It's pretty annoying. Practically speaking, you can not really use it for cooking with low fire.

Here is what I like about my Optimus crux


  • Nice heat
  • Small and light weight
  • Folding mechanism
  • It comes with a dedicated case to hold it under the canister


  • Simmer abilities

Comparing Ultralight canister stoves

Coleman F1 Ultralight Stove Vs MSR pocket rocket Vs Optimus crux

Here is a small comparison between three ultralight gas stoves. Yes, I know, there are also the Snow Peak LiteMax (2oz), the Soto Micro Regulator (2.6oz) and others. I simply have less experience with them so I stick with those I konw the best.

Coleman-F1-ultralight-Gas-StoveColeman F1 Ultralight Stove msr-PocketRocketMSR pocket rocket optimus-crux-stoveOptimus crux stove
Weight 2.92oz 3oz 2.7oz
Power Very good Good Not as the others
Simmer Good Good Bad. It tends to turn off in low flame.
Locating the pot holders in place. Screwing the burner in place. None Just unfold the top of the burner
Something else The plastic parts that hold the pot holders in place are somewhat fragile. A Best seller, for a reason.
Deals well with winds.
It's cool! The look you get whenever someone sees the folding mechanism for the first time…
Bottom line
Go get it! It's also about 15$ less.  Only if you have to have the coolest gadget

Bottom line

The folding mechanism is great. Optimus targeted to place it beneath the canister. If this doesn’t work for you, go for the MSR pocket rocket.

BTW – don’t get the optimus crux lite. It's not folding like the crux does. The lack of the folding mechanism makes it a few grams lighter (hence the name).

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