My Soto canister stove

by Labe

When did you get it?
couple of years ago

From whom did you get it? On what occasion?
I got it for my birthday. My mighty brother bought it for me after Endlessly complaining I have to carry the old multi fuel Coleman stove even for day hikes on hikes I only need to get some water boiled for the evening dehydrated meal.

What stove was it?
He got me this small Soto canister stove. It’s alright to put your puzzled face on, I never heard the name before, too.

What’s the pros and cons of the stove?
Well, the theory is one thing and actually using it is another thing. My bro got it because it’s small and with an auto ignition. So you would expect it would be light and with auto ignition... But boy, the number of time the ignition failed! I stop trying. I just get my own lighter to ignite.
It was especially annoying the first time, but since then, I don’t really count on it.

How long did you use it? Under what conditions?

Why did you replace it?
I haven't. Yet. I'd recommend, though, that you go with one of the bigger brands, MSR or Coleman. I think they got their version of a super light canister stove.

Any anecdote related to it?
None that I can think of or share.

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