My pocket rocket make believe

by Jasmin H

My pocket rocket make believe

My pocket rocket make believe

The funny thing, is that for years I thought that this stove I got for birthday a few years ago, is actually the MSR pocket rocket...

When did you get it?
Few years back

From whom did you get it? On what occasion?
I got it for my 20th birthday. it was when I planned my first long travel abroad. till then I always used my dad’s stuff. For the first time I thought of getting my own gear. One of my friend got this stove for me. as a present so I’ll have something to use during my trips.

What stove was it?
Well, as I mentioned, I thought it was the MSR pocket rocket. It really looks like it. Since I didn't get it in the original package, I had no reason to suspect... after a while, I came a cross the real pocket rocket... I noticed the difference...

What’s the pros and cons of the stove?
I must say, that for a fake, they did a nice job. It works fine. I guess it is not as reliable as the pocket rocket and it might be problematic in extreme conditions. But generally speaking, it runs just fine.

How long did you use it? Under what conditions?
I didn’t use it too much. during the trip I mentioned there weren't to many occasions that I needed it. I also didn’t get to use it in extreme conditions. It was always around sea level, moderate temperature. Nothing that pushed it to the limit.

Why did you replace it?
I didn’t. I still use it from time to time. I did get another backpacking stove (MSR whisperlite). I currently use them both.

Any anecdote related to it?
It’s a fake, I think that it is an anecdote to begin with...

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