My MSR Dragonfly

by J.B.
(High in the mountains)

When did you get it?
I got it not long ago, on Christmas.

From whom did you get it? On what occasion?
I got it from myself...I simply had to have a multi fuel backpacking stove and after many debates with myself, I went out and got it!

What stove was it?
It’s the one and only MSR Dragonfly. I really had hard time to decide, I started with zillions of stoves and kept on changing my mind over and over again. On the finals I had the Dragonfly and the Brunton Vapor AF Stove. I finally got the Dragonfly cause I got the filling that it is far more popular.

What’s the pros and cons of the stove?
I cant tell. Haven't used it yet. I can only tell by the deep studies I had: It is consider very reliable and heavy duty. I also liked that folks are saying that you can have perfect control on the flames. I also read that it is a bit bulky but this doesn’t make a difference for me. I’m a big guy and far from being an ultralight backpacker.

How long did you use it? Under what conditions?
I cant tell. Haven't used it yet.

Why did you replace it?

Any anecdote related to it?

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