My Jetboil

by Brock



I would like to tell you about my first and very last backpacking stove I had. Actually, I still own it but I never used it.
My wife always wanted me to have some hobby that includes getting up from the sofa... she tried to convinced me to do something with myself and for some reason she got the impression that I would consider going camping or even do some backpacking. I think she thought so because I didn't dismissed the idea and she knew I loved it as a kid, going hiking with my dad and my big brother.

Anyhow, in order to encourage me some more to get out there and hike, she thought of getting me some gear. I always loved gadgets and cool techy stuff. she consulted a bit with some guy on REI and decided to get me a Jetboil. On the one hand, I never heard of this stove before, on the other hand, I have to admit it look cool. I checked it out, and promised her I’ll actually try it out someday... She is still waiting...

I never used and and never got it to work. Frankly, I knew it from day one. I just didn’t wanted to disappoint her. Maybe in the back of my mind I love to keep the option of using it one day.

That’s it! That’s my story of my first (and last) backpacking stove.

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