My Coleman Ultralight Stove

by Jasmin
(Dallas, TX)

I'm using a Coleman ultralight gas stove. I go mostly to day hikes and I use it just for having tea along the walk. I once calculated that I probably used it for nearly 1000 times.... I never really pushed it to its limits, though. All the tea cups I made were in moderate climate.

Few issues I think worth mentioning:

1. It's reliable. I mean, it hasn't failed for me throughout the numerous times I used it. I find it really important. There is nothing more frustrating than settling down for a cup of tea, at the perfect spot, and finding out that your stove won't cooperate.

2. It's very small. I deliberately say small and not ultralight. The ultralight is obvious. There are lots of ultralight stoves out there. This one is small, too. After you take it apart and store it, it's extremely compact.

3. It's fast. It runs very hot. It boils the water almost too fast... You have to prepare all the stuff before you ignite it. Otherwise, you'll find yourself with boiling water before you believe it.

The bottom line: It's the perfect stove for my needs. Wouldn't replace it.

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