MSR stoves

MSR (Mountain Safety Research) trivia:

•    Founded in 1969 by Larry Penberthy.
•    MSR stove model 9 (1973) was the first stove to separate the fuel container from the burner.

You can't go wrong with MSR stoves. I used MSR WhisperLite™ Internationale on a long journey throughout the states. I also used it abroad. It never let me down. I usually use unleaded gasoline. Like most gasoline stoves, it takes a minute till you get it going. From this point on, you can forget about it till you're done cooking. It also requires very little caring and maintenance.

MSR Liquid fuel stoves (Running on all kinds of gasoline-like liquids)

All the liquid fuel MSR stoves boil a liter of water in around 3-4 minutes. To my opinion, it's not a crucial parameter. When hiking, I don't think it makes such a difference. I usually try and enjoy the moment when I'm taking a walk, a few seconds better or worst doesn’t make such a difference. Therefore, I didn't mention boil time on the stoves below.


  • A best seller.
  • Probably the best flame control of all liquid fuel stoves.
  • Runs on white gas, kerosene, jet fuel and unleaded gasoline.
  • Empty weight: 14Oz


  • MSR state of the art. A heavy duty stove that cost accordingly…
  • Runs practically on every liquid fuel
  • Empty weight: 13.2Oz

WhisperLite™ Internationale

  • Multi fuel version of the famous MSR WhisperLite.
  • Runs on white gas, kerosene, and unleaded.
  • It's been out there for 20 years, gathering more and more fans.
  • The  basic WhisperLite™ runs on white gas only
  • Empty weight: 11.5Oz

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  • As lightweight and compact as a liquid fuel stove can get.
  • Runs on white gas only.
  • Empty weight: 8.5Oz

MSR Canister Stoves

Most gas stoves got lots in common...

...Boil time is pretty much the same (3-4 minutes, give or take)

...Flame control is excellent.

...They are quite lightweight.

So below, I mentioned only what distinguishes them from one another.

MSR reactor

  • The pot is an integral part of the stove.
  • Got a unique wind shield and heat exchanger to increase performance
  • Extremely efficient.
  • Works great in bad weather
  • Empty weight: 19Oz

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  • I love this one!
  • Very Small and lightweight.
  • Burner weight: 3Oz

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And this is what Mark (VA) got to say about it...


  • msr-SuperFlyFits most self-sealing canisters
  • Flame is pretty wide
  • Got a version with a built in  ignition (seen in the picture)
  • Burner weight: 5.1Oz


  • It separates the burner from the canister (which enables using windscreen)
  • Efficient due to wind shield.
  • Burner weight: 6.8Oz
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