MSR Pocket Rocket Rules!

by Mark

I have my pocket rocket forever. I got it many years back and I haven't looked back since. It got all you can ask of a ultralight backpacking canister stove. Over the years, I figured out that there are lighter stoves, there are smaller stoves, there are chipper stoves, but none of them got the full package.

The Pocket Rocket comes from one of the best companies in the market and it shows in any parameter of this stove.

I usually backpack in moderate weather (down to about freezing) and reasonable altitudes (as high as 4000 feet). In these conditions, I can testify that the Stove never failed. I should also mention that I usually use it to boil water on the trail, not for cooking gourmet dishes. I got to use it with very small flame, but I'm not sure it is number one in the market for simmer. Another related issue you want to take into account is that the flame is pretty narrow. It is not made for making omelets...

Another question I got to answer from time to time is regarding its pot holders. The answer is: NO, they are NOT fragile.

To conclude: It's the best propane stove you can get for hiking. It will also perform great for basic cooking.

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Oct 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

What's the gross weight - the canister sez the net weight is 250g - I know I can weight a new can, but haven't got one right now (but a lot of semi used ones due to airline restrictions!)
Just trying to work out some future gear weights.
Cheers Rob

May 16, 2010
Couldn't agree more!
by: Anonymous

I too got the Pocket Rocket.

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