Jetboil group cooking system

(Jetboil GCS)

Jetboil-group-cooking-system-packed Jetboil-group-cooking-system-stove
packed On the job

Jetboil group cooking system (AKA Jetboil GCS) is based on Jetboil's Personal cooking system. They simply took the PCS and add a bigger pot. What you get is the same efficiency, same working principles but a pot that can support a family or a group. The GCS is also packed in the pot, just like the original Jetboil stove (the PCS). The GCS was introduced somewhere back in 2006.

Like the Personal cooking system, it is based on some simple ideas that together, makes this stove highly efficient.

To begin with, it got a tight lid. This sounds obvious, I mean, you can use a lid on any stove right? Right, but here the lid comes as part of the whole cooking system. Lid saves you fuel on every stove, but here, Jetboil don’t let you choose. They simply add it to the kit.

Then, there is the built-in wind screen. Like I said about the lid, windscreen is always helpful, but on the GCS, they don’t ask you, it's built in...

The pot itself is the most important component of this cooking set. First of all (and most important), It got a heat exchanger at the bottom. The heat exchanger verifies that almost no heat is lost during the stove operation.

Besides the heat exchanger, the pot got some other nice stuff: It is covered with some rubber-like material. It stays on the pot during cooking without melting. I guess it increases the efficiency just a bit more cause it isolates the pot content from the outside. The pot also got a neat foldable handles.

Another feature worth mentioning is that the whole system is packed within the pot. On the one hand, it's not a tiny pot at all, but on the other hand, since it contains all other components, it's not that bad...

To summarize, here is what I like about Jetboil group cooking system:


  • Efficiency
  • Power


  • It's not really built for running with other pot's (although it got some adaptor to solve this issue)
  • I'ts not exactly room-saving... Although packed in the pot, the burner is quite bulky

Bottom line

I'd buy the Jetboil 1.5 pot only… you can easily use it on your current stove.

Here is some more on  the Jetboil group cooking system (and some options to get one).