I use the Trangia burner only

by Arik

What I really like about Trangia burner is that it contains enough fuel to boil a liter of water (give or take). Why is it that important? Simple: when I go on day hikes, it saves you the fuel container. Unlike gas stoves, where you are obliged to carry a canister, even if you need the stove for a few minutes. In the Trangia, the Alcohol sealed in the burner will do just what you need.

I usually carry it along with some home made pot holder and a small can that I use both for boiling the water and both for drinking. That's it!

The potholder is nothing more than a hardware mesh formed as a cylinder.


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Dec 18, 2010
westwind alternatives
by: Gideon (Quebec, Canada)

The Clikstand seems a better, though pricier, stand for the Trangia. Trangia itself now sells their own version of the Clikstand. Myself, I use a homemade 'coffee-can'(1kg size) burner support/windscreen - works great. Also have 2 swedish army surplus sets.

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