I still use the same Coleman

by Abi

I'm not even sure what kind is it exactly. I got this Coleman stove from my big brother years ago. Since he also had it forever I guess it is pretty old model. He gave it to me somewhere around my high school years when I started taking backpacking trips with some of my folks. It was usually just a short walk on this park near where we used to live and I needed something to use. It’s a gas stove I use it with whatever gas canister I get. It works fine for me on propane, butane and all the mixtures they sell nowadays.

I got to use it hundreds of times and it usually worked OK. The only thing worth sharing is that in sub freezing temperatures you have to help it a bit. Keeping it close to the body usually does the trick. After you ignite it and it is up and running, usually I had no issues.
I haven’t used it recently simply because I don’t get out much in the last few years. I really look forward on getting back there. Actually, I got to this site while thinking of what backpacking stove to get…

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