Homemade Wood Gas Stove 

A great option for DIY backpacking stove

Homemade backpacking stoves

Most of the DIY stove uses wood or alcohol since these stoves are the easiest to build.  Both wood and alcohol got their pros and cons when it comes to building your own stove. Alcohol stoves are light, and you can carry only the amount of fuel you need. On the other hand, for long hikes, carrying that much alcohol might be a problem. If you build a wood stove, it will probably be quite big. But, naturally, you don't really carry the fuel. You get it on the trail...

There are some homemade wood gas stoves, too. But it’s a bit trickier to get them right...

Of course you can make all sort of backpacking stoves on your own. Check the homemade page on this.

Wood gas stove

Wood gas stove is based on few simple principals. The complex part is to get your stove to actually use these principals right. In a nutshell, air is rushing through the double walls of the stove. It is heated and then injected at the top of the stove. The whole thing makes wood burning way more efficient. The thing is, that the holes can’t be too small (not enough air) or too big (too much air, it will not heat up). It’s a real challenge, the design must be precise. Read more on wood gas stoves here.

Homemade wood gas stove

Although it’s a challenge, you can find several solutions for making your own wood gas backpacking stove. The one here  is the one I love the most. The instructions are clear and full and the size of the stove is just right. It is based on two cans, 3” and 4” and it doesn't require special skills or tools.

That’s the link to the original post on this great blog: http://outdoorssurvival.blogspot.com/2011/02/diy-video-high-efficiency-backpacking.html

And here is the full instruction set for getting this homemade wood gas stove:

Let me know how it worked for you!