Etapower Express

...Or with its real name: Etaexpress...

Primus launched their Etapower stoves line a few years back. The big idea is to have a full cooking system instead of just a stove. It supposes to maximize the efficiency of the stoves. 
It includes a stove, windscreen, a dedicated pot with a welded heat exchanger and a lid. This whole pack makes any stove much more efficient.

Later on, Primus merged the Eta line with the simple canister stove "Express stove". The result, Tah-Dah! : The Etaexpress.

EtaPower-Easy-FuelEtapower EF
Primus Express
Etapower Ex

For some reason, many call it the Etapower express, although it is officially named Etaexpress.
The coolest thing about this stove, is that you can take off the windscreen easily. This leaves you with just a great propane stove. You can use it as a regular ultralight backpack stove. Cool!
The Etaexpress compete head to head with the MSR reactor and Jetboil PCS which practically does pretty much the same. They also got some windscreen and a heat exchanger to get more out of the stove. Have a look below on some comparison I held.

So, what makes it so efficient?

First of all, the pot.

I think that what makes the difference is the heat exchanger on the bottom of the pot. I mean, it really boosts the efficiency of any stove you'll use. The heat exchanger is the fins soldered to the bottom of the pot. It absorbs much of the heat that would blow with the wind in a simple pot.

Second, the windscreen.

Well, you can make some windscreen for every stove... The cool thing here, is that the windscreen of the Etapower is really tailor made. It's assembled on the pot holders and kept very close to the pot. They designed it so that it will have just the right space between the windscreen and the pot. On the one hand, it keeps the wind away, and on the other hand, it doesn't choke the flames. In other words: they made it to get the most out of the wind without causing any problems.

As I mentioned earlier, the full solution (Pot, windscreen along with the lid) makes it remarkably efficient.

Here is what I like and dislike about the Etaexpress:


  • It changes to a simple propane stove in no time
  • Easy to clean. The pot and pan are aluminum with non-stick titanium cover.
  • simmers nice.


  • Even Primus claim it won't work under 5C/41F so who am I to argue?

Have a look below to see some comparison I made between the three rivals: Jetboil, the reactor and the Primus Etaexpress…

Solo traveler super efficient cooking systems

MSR reactor stove Vs Jetboil PCS Vs Primus Etaexpress
  • All three use the same concept: Built in windscreen. Heat exchanger fused to the pot.
  • All three can be packed within the pot.
  • Jetboil where the pioneers. MSR and Primus followed.
  • Both Jetboil and Primus got a whole line of stoves using the same principle. MSR (for now) got only the reactor.
  • Both MSR and the Etaexpress feels much more robust. The Jetboil gives the feeling that it is not as solid.

msr-reactor-stoveMSR reactor stove jetboil-stoveJetboil PCS (Personal Cooking System) primus-EtaExpressPrimus Etapower express
Weight 19oz 15.25oz 14.6oz
Boil time Nice Nice Best
Water boiled per 100g fuel 10 11 17
Something else Doesn’t run with blue flame. The whole burner concept is unique. They were the first with this concept. The pot is coated with some fabric. You can actually hold it while boiling. You can use any other pot too. The burner is the primus express. A great stove as a stand alone too
Average price 150USD 100USD 95USD
Pot 1.7 liter 1 liter 1 liter
Bottom line The price is ridicules They had the crown utill Primus arrived…  Go and get one!

Bottom line

I love it. It supports any pot, but still, you can maximize the efficiency with the dedicated pot and windscreen. The price is fair too.

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