Contrary to wood gas stoves "cons" given...

(North Carolina)

...I have to say that wood gas stoves do not need a fan to work if vented properly. The models with the fans burn fuel much faster than necessary and have the added drawback of needing batteries.

These stoves can be as small as you want. My favorite homemade one is made from a quart paint can and a Progresso soup can.

I like this guy's video of homemade stoves:

It's hard finding videos where people give a complete picture for construction.

Thank you for your write-up. I found it informative.


I see your point. The thing is, that it is tricky getting these stoves run as gasifiers. If you don't make the right holes, bottom and up, you come up with just a wood burning stove (which is nice, but not a wood gas stove...). So those with the fan get it to gasify for sure. As for all the home made versions, on some cases it works and on other it doesn't. If you got it working right - cool! It would be great if you could share a picture of your stove.

Thanks anyhow for sharing,


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