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May 06, 2013
making wood gas stoves burn gas
by: Anonymous

I got a backpacking wood gas stove to burn gas after making a half dozen prototypes. It is really tricky and not worth doing without precise measurements. I did not have a model so depended on internet information which was inadequate as it turns out. The trick is getting the right size of intake and outtake holes, and critically the right gap between the inner and outer walls. The gap was too small in my earlier models. I found the standard 3 litre plus standard large paint can works well as an outer container. The large coffee tins I used as a firebox did not leave a large enough gap. I found a 5 inch diameter firebox made by a stainless steel utensil holder- stainless steel is more durable but requires a special drill bit to work - available from many household supply stores (I used a walmart one which already had a double row of square holes near the top which saved drilling a lot of holes). Once you get it right it is satisfying getting it to work and it saves money. Ross

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