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Win 30$ Amazon gift card for the best story of your first camp stove

Competition starts 15th December and finishes 15th January. Winners will be announced a few days later. Please read the terms and conditions below, entering into the competition denotes acceptance of our Online Competitions Terms and Conditions.


  • Best story wins 30$ Amazon gift card!
  • Crowd favorite (Highest Likes count on Facebook) wins 20$ Amazon gift card!

What to write about?

Some ideas you can refer to in your story:
  • When did you get it?
  • From whom did you get it? On what occasion?
  • What stove was it?
  • What’s the pros and cons of the stove?
  • How long did you use it? Under what conditions?
  • Why did you replace it?
  • Any anecdote related to it?
These are just ideas, in case you are stuck. You can write anything you like about your first stove.

Here is the form to submit your review, it expands as you start typing the title of your review. Existing reviews are below the form.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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My Soto canister stove Not rated yet
When did you get it? couple of years ago From whom did you get it? On what occasion? I got it for my birthday. My mighty brother bought it for me …

My Jetboil Not rated yet
I would like to tell you about my first and very last backpacking stove I had. Actually, I still own it but I never used it. My wife always wanted me …

My MSR Dragonfly Not rated yet
When did you get it? I got it not long ago, on Christmas. From whom did you get it? On what occasion? I got it from myself...I simply had to have …

I still use the same Coleman Not rated yet
I'm not even sure what kind is it exactly. I got this Coleman stove from my big brother years ago. Since he also had it forever I guess it is pretty old …

My pocket rocket make believe Not rated yet
The funny thing, is that for years I thought that this stove I got for birthday a few years ago, is actually the MSR pocket rocket... When did you

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  • A picture of the stove will increase your chances.

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