Coleman stoves

No. 1 stove in the campground

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Coleman trivia:

  • Founded in 1900 by a guy named, well… Coleman…
  • Coleman company manufactures all sort of outdoor gear, but it's most famous product is probably the Coleman lantern.
The main reason I bought my feather 442 Coleman stove is that it comes in one piece…
I saw someone I know using it on a trek, and I was astonished by its simplicity.
Comparing to most liquid fuel stoves, there is no assembly involved. Using it is almost as simple as a gas stove. You just get it out and you are ready to go!

I love it exactly for this combination:
      It got the heat of a liquid fuel stove.
      nothing to assemble.

Coleman aren't the best in class in ultralight stoves...

They really got plenty of camp stoves, but I think hiking stoves comes only second.
According to Coleman company's web site, they got:
•    21 camping stoves and grills (17 running on propane, 4 on liquid fuel)
•    10 backpacking stoves

Coleman camping stoves

Coleman are probably the number one brand in camping stoves. You can find campground stoves  in many designs and options. It can run either on Propane or on liquid fuel.
In this page I show only the most popular modules.

When comparing camping stoves, there aren’t any specific parameters to compare. Next to each stove, I just mentioned it's unique features.

PerfectFlow™ 2-Burner Propane Stove

•    Using propane
•    Weighs 10 lbs. 13 oz.
•    Runs over and hour on 16.4Oz canister

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Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Premium Compact Liquid Fuel Stove

  • Uses white gas or unleaded gasoline
  • Weighs 9 lbs. 13 oz
  • Runs for about 2 hours on its built in fuel tank

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RoadTrip® Grill LXE

  • Uses Propane
  • A big one, weighs 43 pounds
  • Folds into something you can tack in the car.          

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PerfectFlow™ 1-Burner Propane Stove
  • As small as it gets for a camping stove
  • Assembled directly on the canister
  • Runs over two hours on 16.4Oz canister

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Colman backpacking stoves

Coleman's backpacking stove history:

Coleman backpacking stoves start early in WWII. Coleman were asked to come up with a small stove that will run on the same fuel the Army vehicle uses – gasoline.
Coleman came up with the " GI Pocket Stove".  A small lightweight stove that can use fuel from Jeeps, tanks and more. The most famous descendants of the GI stove is the Feather 442 stove.
Apart from the 442, Coleman stoves seems to be losing the fight on ultralight stoves to other brands like MSR, PRIMUS and others.
They DO have other backpacking stoves, but they are more high-end than what you usually need.

I own a 442 dual fuel stove for quite some time now. I love it, but when I go for a long walk, I usually take one of my other stoves ...

So, here are the leading modules of Coleman stoves:

F1 ultralight Gas Stove

  • Only 2.7Oz
  • Takes a minute to figure out how to assemble the pot holders. Not a big deal after you get used to it.
  • Can use both propane and butane

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Feather™ 442 Dual Fuel™ Stove

  • Weight is 24 oz.
  • Uses both white gas and unleaded fuel.
  • Built in one piece. No assembly needed.
  • I got one!     

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Denali™ Stove    

  • Stove weight 11.5 oz
  • Multi fuel (including Butane)
  • Not a cheap option (~200$)