Coleman dual fuel stoves

My Coleman dual fuel stove is the backpacking version, the 442. Coleman got more than one dual fuel stove. They all run on white gas and unleaded fuel (hence duel fuel…). All of them use almost the same burner. They differ in the overall weight and what they are used for. Personally, I really enjoy my Coleman dual fuel.

In details:

Feather™ 442 Dual Fuel™ Stove

The backpacking version

This is the backpacking version of coleman dual fuel stoves. I got one of these for few years now. I really enjoy it. The thing I like the most about it, in comparing to other multi fuel stoves, is that it starts running without preheat. You just follow the simple instructions written on the stove, and you can't go wrong. You'll get it up and running right away.

On the other hand…
Don’t buy it if you are looking to something small and light. In the 442, the burner is attached to the fuel tank. It makes it somewhat bulky. Coleman made an effort with the legs, though. They fold nicely under the stove.

Anyhow, here is a summary of what I like and dislike about my Coleman 442:


  • Simple to operate.
  • Great, great simmer abilities. (when comparing to other multi fuel stoves).
  • Fairly stable. Pot stability is OK too.


  • Heavy for a backpack stove.
  • Bulky.
  • Its flame is quite wide. When I use the snowpeak 700 for instance (4.125 inch in diameter), the flame is much wider than the pot. On the other hand, this comes as an advantage when using a pan…

And some technical stuff:

  • Weight (without fuel): 23 ounces.
  • Average boil time: 3 min. 41 sec. (Coleman web site).
  • Water boiled: white gas(100 g fuel) 6.9 liters.

Coleman Dual Fuel 533  1 Burner Stove

Campground single burner.

This stove is the "big brother" of the 442. It's heavier, bigger, and caries more fuel. Here too, the burner is attached to the fuel tank. Like the 442, you light it without preheat.

Coleman Dual Fuel dual Burner Stove

Campground dual burner

This stove uses the same burners. Here too, if you follow the simple instructions, it lights up on the spot. No preheat phase. It can cover all your cooking needs in a campground.

It's  One of the most popular Coleman dual fuel stoves, here it is on REI site.

Coleman Dual Fuel Powerhouse® 3-Burner Stove

Campground triple burner

Same stove as the dual burner but with one additional burner…