Caldera Ti-Tri First Impression

I got my new Caldera Ti-Tri stove today, and I wanted to share my first impression.

I got the combination that supports the following options:

  • Alcohol stove
  • Wood gas stove
  • Simple wood burning stove
  • solid fuel stove
In addition, you get with it some nice box to pack it all, a bottle for Alcohol and even a small measure cup.

I tried two options, alcohol and wood gas. That’s my initial impression. I’ll report fully on all the options once I’ll have enough run time with it.

Caldera Ti-Tri with inferno - Wood gas stove

wood gas stove
Caldera as wood gas stove,
 inferno assembled 

If you want to run the cone as a wood gas stove, you need to assemble four parts before you begin and gather lots of twigs. You start by lighting a plain, small campfire in the inner part (the inferno). It’s not obvious... It is a small space, and it took me a while to get it running without any starter.

Anyhow, once it’s up and running, it  runs great. The internal  structure makes it a n efficient gasifier. You can easily see the air flowing in from the holes on the top part and as long as you keep on feeding it, there is no smoke at all. It is extremely hot and easily boiled the water I put on it. Bear in mind that the thing swallows the woods you’ll through in. Gather the burning material before you start it.

Another sign of an efficient gasifying is that after  all the woods are burned and everything cools down, you get a small pile of fine ash with no residue at all. Since I used the dedicated floor you can buy with it, you leave the place with no trace at all.


Caldera Ti-Tri - Alcohol stove

That was a very pleasant surprise. I put the thing together easily (it’s just the cone and the burner). The pot fit in perfectly. When you order it, you tell them what pot you use, and they send you the cone so it will be in the right size. I had no issues putting the pot in, and getting it out was easy too.

Once you slide the pot in, only the lid is held outside, so it is heated from all sides. It seems to be even more significant than I thought... After igniting it, I thought it would take the regular alcohol stove time. I was amazed to see how fast it was. I didn’t measure the time or the exact amount of water, but it sure was faster than I’m used to with my DIY alcohol stove.

All in all, it looks like a very nice combination with lots of options to run it. I’ll write up with more details after I’ll get to use it several times.