Caldera Cone Ti Tri Wood Burning Camp Stove

Caldera cone Ti-Tri running on wood
Picture courtesy traildesigns

Caldera cone got three different systems you can use as wood burning camp stove: Ti-Tri, Ti-tri ULC and Ti-Tri sidewinder. They are pretty much the same with some changes so that it’ll fit your specific needs. All three are a inheritors off the original caldera cone which is a great staring point... The folks from Trail Designs just made the adjustments so you could use the cone with wood too.


Ti-Tri in alcohol mode
Picture courtesy traildesigns

The basic one. It is pretty much the same as the original Caldera Cone but this one is made of Titanium (Hence the Ti). It enables it to run on woods. What I like about the Ti-Tri, is that when you use it with Alcohol burner or esbit, the Pot is completely surrounded by the cone so no heat is wasted. The pot is totally submerged and only the lid is kept outside. Every bit of energy goes to heating up the pot. Keep in mind, though, that on its wood burning mode, the pot is held by two metal stakes and it is not completely inside the cone. It reduces the efficiency a bit of course. But still, A great system.

Ti-Tri ULC

Ti-Tri ULC packed
Picture courtesy traildesigns

ULC stands for Ultra Light Compact.
The big idea is the same as in the Ti-Tri. They just made the ULC a bit shorter so you can fold it nicely and store inside the pot you are using. The problem is, that since it is a bit shorter version, the pot can’t be totally submerged into the cone and the whole system isn’t as efficient as the Ti-Tri. On the other hand, if you are trying to save every bit of space, it does help.


Ti-Tri Sidewinder packed
Picture courtesy traildesigns

On the sidewinder, you get the best combination. The height is somewhere in the middle but it folds real tight. On the one hand, it is tall enough to keep the pot inside the cone. On the other hand, you can fold it so it will fit inside the pot sideways if your pot is wide enough. Cool! Here too, buy the way, the pot is standing on the stakes if you are using it with wood.

Few things common to all three designs

Multi-fuel (Not in the traditional way)
When you think of a multi fuel backpacking stove I guess you think of a benzene based fuels, perhaps with ability to run with gas too. This goes for stoves like Primus omni-fuel, MSR XGK-EX or Optimus Nova. That’s the classic concept of multi fuel.
BUT - Caldera cone stove are also multi fuel. They are designed to run on Alcohol, esbit and wood. Totally different fuel types. Not only that, you can also run them as wood gas stoves! So, aren't they considered as multi fuel?

Come as a system

When you get a Caldera cone, you get the full system. The cone serves as a pot holder and as the windscreen. It comes with their Alcohol burner and with some esbit burner. The system won’t work otherwise. You get the size that fits your pot so that you get the most out of it.

The concept

The concept of all the cones is fairly simple yet ingenious. As I mentioned above, the cone functions both as a windscreen and as a pot holder. You get a structure that saves all the heat for heating so no heat is wasted. They designed the cones with the right holes so the flames will have just the air it needs to run. It sounds ridiculous but the holes are tricky if you try to build it yourself. Too big, and you get too much wind and heat might be wasted. Too small, and the flames want run as high as they can. In all the designs here, if you are using wood as fuel, you have to raise the pot so you’ll have enough room for the sticks and twigs. When you do that, it also opens a hole to throw the twigs in.

The greatest part

These three are not only wood burning camp stoves, you can turn all of these stoves into a wood gas camp stove! Just add the inferno, which basically is a flipped-over cone, slightly smaller than the outside cone, and you can gasify the wood you are burning. More here...