Caldera Cone Alcohol Stove

Caldera cone alcohol stove is basically a piece of metal foil that you bend to a cone. You use it both as the potholder and as the windscreen (it got sufficient holes to get enough air through).

Typically, you put the simplest alcohol stove inside. The cone got some pros and cons,     and it was the basic design of Traildesigns company, and now they got other stoves that are based on this simple (yet great) system.

Lately, Traildesigns developed a whole  new concept of cooking system, the Ti-Tri, which is based on the original cone, but that’s another story...

What is it

Caldera Cone Alcohol
Stove with my 700cc pot
When you buy the Caldera Cone alcohol stove, you get a foil, that you put up to be the cone, and a simple open jet alcohol burner. The company claims you should use their burner to get the best results. I can’t fully agree. I tried the cone with other alcohol burners too and it worked very well. I used my Pepsi alcohol stove and my Trangia burner to see if I get better results and the bottom line is that I go on day hikes with my homemade burner and use the cone as the perfect windscreen and potholder.

Important note: the cone is NOT one size fits all. You tell them what pot you are using, and you get the cone that fits it.

Pros and cones

...comparing to other alcohol stoves or systems...


  • Folds nicely
  • Immune to winds


  • The cone, once folded, require some height. When I store it in my pot, it sticks out.
  • The burner is pretty basic.
  • Tailor made for your pot. Most likely, you won’t be able to use it on other pots you got.

Comparing other burners

As I mentioned above, the burner you get when you buy the Caldera Cone alcohol stove is not a unique one. You can easily replace it with some other burner. I used the cone with some other burners, and here are the results. I didn’t put the exact numbers on purpose. It changes depending on the environment. I also don’t think it really matters if it’s 6 minutes and 10 seconds or 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

Trangia burner
caldera cone burner
Original 12-10 burner
My homemade Pepsi stove
Time for boiling 2 cups of  water
Second best
Dry weight [grams]
85 (with lid)
You don’t need a fuel bottle (the burner got the fuel inside it). Use exactly the amount of fuel you need since you can easily shut it and keep all the fuel residue.
For free, and it’s what the company recommends
Free, smallest
$$$, weight
Second to Trangia
Not as efficient

Bottom line for burners

If you don’t mind the extra ounces, and the price involved, go for the Trangia. Otherwise, go either with the original burner or your homemade, there is no real difference.

Watch the Caldera Cone alcohol stove in action: