Bushcooker Wood Gas Stove

by Wood Gas Fan

Bushcooker Wood Gas Stove

Titanium ultra light bush cookers allows the user to use more fuels with less weight in a manner never before achieved.

200 times more non corrosive then stainless steel
Stronger then steel , in the same thickness at half the weight

Titanium’s melting temp. is 3,200 degrees compared to
steel with a melting temp. of 2,600 degrees.

Titanium reduces warping and eliminates burn out.

A truly life long stove at a weight never before achieved

Will bring 1 liter of water to a boil in the following times;

1 esbett tab 6 min

1 oz alcohol 4 min

3 oz of dry twigs 6 min

4 charcoal s 12 mins with 90 min of cook time

Always the user to bake using the OUTBACK oven, with wood, charcoal or solid fuel tabs

Avaible in three size’s that will fit in a 700ml mug, 1 lit pot, 2 lit pot thus saving space. They are designed to be used with all Snow Peak pots as well other

Lt I 2,5oz, Lt II 3,5 oz Lt III 5,5 oz
“ solo “2 people + “ “ 3 people + “
$ 80.00 $ 90.00 $ 105.00
3,5 “ daim x 4” high - 4” daim x 5”high - 4,750” diam x 5,750 high

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