Backpacking Stoves Comparison

coleman-dual-fuel-533 Vs primus-Express-Stove
The picture is just an example...

There are many stoves that compete directly with each other. Many times, you have to do some stoves' comparison between two (or more) options. There are some classic debates and there are occasions where you can't decide between two stoves you want to buy. I'll gather some of the comparison on this page.

Sometimes the differences between the stoves are really minor and negligible. In cases like this, the decision can come down to: "...This one looks cooler...", "...I saw this one in the store across the street...", "...I want something other than everybody..." which is really fine.

On other cases, there is a show stopper that can help you decide. Say, for instance, that one of the stoves you are comparing hasn't got an igniter which for you is a must. This will end the debate for YOU. It might be the least of the consideration for someone else.

So, lets compare!

Jetboil PCS Vs MSR Pocket Rocket (Requested by May from Seattle)

Jetboil PCS Vs MSR reactor...

Want me to compare? Wanna ask something? You can't decide between two stoves? Ask me, I'll do my best to help.

Stoves Comparison
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