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camp stoves From top right, clockwise: MSR WhisperLite, Snow peak, Trangia, Coleman 442. 

A few years back, I had a camping trip along the Appalachian trail with my family. I had my MSR Whisperlite International stove with me. One of the memories I carry with me from that trip, is the smell of my finger whenever I filled the MSR with unleaded fuel... I used it so often, I couldn't think of cooking without it. I had two more stoves with me (both propane stoves) that I hardly used. the Whisperlite was so much better for me.

For me, a trek is only an excuse to use my stove… there is nothing I like better than having a cup of coffee at a perfect scenery view! Another moment I really love is at the campground, after a day's walk, cooking the dinner I've been anxiously waiting for.

In the same manner that you try and get the best shoes, backpack or tent, you should get the stove that fits you the most. Along the years I got to use lots of stoves, from different brands and all sort of fuel types. So, I tried to gather lots of info here to cover all there is to know about camp stoves and backbacking stoves. All the major camping gear brands are covered, along with some remote ones that I assume you never heard of. 

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